Lions and Tigers and Bears…Oh My!

I guess I should admit right off the bat that there are no tigers.  Sorry for the deception, but since I posted about lions earlier, I thought that the title was fitting.  This is just a short update to showcase another new item that I’m making for my Etsy store.  Introducing bear hooded cowls!


Bear hoods can be requested in sizes ranging from 3-6 months-Adult.  They can either be made in all one color or with a contrasting color around the front of the hood and tip of the ears.   I can also add a small knitted flower by one of the ears with either a button or yarn center.  All bear hoods come with a wood button.  The teen and adult sizes are not made to fit over the shoulders, but the smaller sizes are. The adult size hood pictured below is currently available, and I’m hoping to have a toddler hood like the one pictured above available next week.


This is another cute pattern by The Velvet Acorn.  Stop by and give her shop some love.

I can’t recommend her patterns enough. They are easy to follow and the finished results are always adorable. They incorporate knitting with touches of optional crochet which are simple enough that even a novice at crochet, such as myself, is able to do them. I was pretty proud of myself when I mastered my first bear ear. She also includes a knit version, though, if you’d rather stick with what you are comfortable with.