Little Red Riding Slippers


This is the third pair of these slippers that I’ve made.  Unfortunately, none of them were for myself, but I’m hoping that I can rectify that someday, because they are so cute and warm, which is definitely an appealing quality in the middle of Winter.  One of the previous pairs was made as a white elephant gift exchange gift for a family Christmas.  My cousin got them, and she loved them, but they were ruthlessly stolen by my grandma, so I offered to make her a replacement pair.  That’s where these slippers come in.  I hope she likes a little sparkle.  The original pair was a solid burgundy color.

I used the Little Red Riding Slippers pattern by Drops Design.  While I love the pattern, the instructions are pretty vague in parts.  I never would have completed my first pair without watching the accompanying video.  The video was definitely helpful, but there is no sound, because they are an international site, so it still required some continuous rewinding and replaying in some sections and left me scratching my head in others.  After I had already struggled through my first pair I came across this post on the iKnits blog.  She made her own video tutorial and re-wrote the pattern trying to clarify some things.  She also gave written instructions for the diagram included in the pattern, which I found really helpful.  While I can read charts, I’d much rather follow written instructions.  I’d heard before that Drops Design patterns were difficult to follow.  I found that to be more true with this pattern than with others of theirs that I’ve tried.  Don’t let me scare you, though.  It is definitely doable, especially with the resources mentioned above, and once you get that initial pair under your belt, subsequent pairs will practically fly off of your needles.

The pattern includes instructions for how to make three sizes: Small-5/6 1/2, Medium-7 1/2/8 1/2, and Large-9/10.  I don’t know why they excluded size 7, which is especially relevant, because that just happens to be what size I wear.  I have made both the small and medium sizes and have found that while I can wear both, I prefer the smaller size.  It’s also worth mentioning that my cousin wears a size 9, but she was very comfortable in the medium size and requested that her replacement pair be that size instead of going up to the large, so there is some leeway with the sizing.

This pair was made using Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick & Quick yarn in the color mystical (I love the name) and size US 10 needles.  I stood in the button aisle at Joann Fabrics for what seemed like hours before making my final decision.  Initially, I was thinking of using white or silver buttons, but everything I liked was either too expensive or there weren’t enough of them.  It wasn’t until I brought a ball of yarn into the aisle with me that I saw how perfect the brown ones were (Yes they are brown, even though they appear black.  It was too cold to go outside for a proper picture).

I have most of the materials (I’m just a couple of yards short on yarn) to make another pair exactly like this one either for my Etsy store (or myself), but next on my agenda is my first ever free pattern.  I’m hoping to have it ready to release on March 1rst, which will give you plenty of time to knit up one (or many) before Easter.