Tulip Sweater for Brenda Bunny

When I was working on the pattern for Brenda Bunny one of my samples somehow ended up too short for me to be able to use for the final pattern.  My mom claimed her, and I promised that I would make her a sweater to wear when I got the pattern finished since the dress doesn’t fit her quite right because of her size (something all of us short people have to deal with sometimes).  Yesterday I made good on my promise and made her a tulip sweater.  I’m going to share the pattern here for everyone else in case you would like to make one for your own Brenda Bunny. It is constructed top down in the round and involves absolutely no seaming, which is always a plus in my book.

Tulip Sweater



  • 50 yards worsted weight yarn in cream (preferably the same yarn you used to make your bunny)
  • Scraps of worsted weight yarn in green and pink.
  • Set of 5 US 6 4 mm DPN’s
  • 4 stitch markers
  • Row counter
  • 2 stitch holders
  • Tapestry needle
  • 1 small button
  • Sewing needle and thread


22 sts and 28 rows = 4″ in Stockinette Stitch

Terms & Abbreviations:

PM = Place marker

SM = Slip marker

KFB = Increase 1 sts by knitting into the front and back of the same stitch

sts = Stitch

K = Knit

P = Purl

YO = Yarn over

K2tog = Decrease 1 sts by knitting the next two sts together


I cord CO 34 sts onto 1 4mm DPN.  Work back and forth in rows with 2 DPNs.

Row 1: P7, PM, P2, PM, P15, PM, P2, PM, P8 (34 sts).

Row 2: K7, KFB, SM, [KFB] X 2, SM, KFB, K13, KFB, SM, [KFB] X 2, SM, KFB, K4, YO, K2tog (42 sts).

Row 3: Purl, slipping markers as you come to them.

Row 4: K to the sts before the first marker, KFB, SM, KFB, K to the sts before the next marker, KFB, SM, KFB, K to the sts before the next marker, KFB, SM, KFB, K to the sts before the next marker, KFB, SM, KFB, K to end (50 sts).

Row 5: Purl, slipping markers as you come to them.

Rows 6 & 7: Repeat rows 4 & 5 (58 sts).

Row 8: Repeat row 4 (66 sts).

Distribute the sts onto 3 DPNs and start working in the round.

Rnd 9: Repeat row 4 (74 sts).

Rnd 10: K to the first marker, SM, KFB, K to sts before the next marker, KFB, SM, K to the next marker, SM, KFB, K to sts before the next marker, KFB, SM, K to end (78 sts).

Rnd 11: K to first marker, Place the sts between the 1rst and 2nd markers onto a holder, K to next marker, Place the sts between the 3rd and 4th markers onto a holder, K to end.

Rnds 12-31: K 20 rnds (As I said, the bunny I made this sweater for was a little shorter than normal, so you can add a few extra rows here if you would like a longer sweater).

Rnd 32: Purl

Rnd 33: Knit

Rnd 34: Purl

Rnd 35: Knit



Distribute one set of held sts onto 3 4mm DPNs.  Join yarn and knit across these sts, picking up two sts in the underarm (16 sts).

K 4 more rnds.

P 1 rnd.

BO knitwise.

Repeat for the second arm.


Using scraps of green and pink yarn, add a duplicate stitch flower to the front of the sweater using the chart below.  I started the bottom of the flower on the 3rd row up from the garter stitch border but feel free to place it wherever you would like.


Turn the sweater inside out and weave in all yarn ends.  Sew a button onto the back of the sweater opposite the buttonhole.

Tulip Sweater Created by Whitney Webster © Whitney Webster May 2015 All Rights Reserved.

Copyright information:

This pattern is for your own personal use. This pattern may not be sold, reprinted or distributed without prior authorization. You may however sell finished objects made from this pattern on a small scale. All I ask is that you give me credit as the designer and link back to my site. You must use your own photos of items.

I hope you enjoy this pattern!  This sweater will also fit other members of the Curious Critter Collection once I get more designed.  Happy Knitting!


Brenda Bunny

I’m so excited to be able to finally share my newest pattern with all of you!  I want to start by thanking you all for your patience in waiting for me to get it ready.  I always have the best intentions to get things done in a timely matter, but with two toddlers and unexpected health & technical issues that pop up that isn’t always possible.  I was originally going to release this pattern on March 25th, because it’s my mom’s birthday and this bunny is named after her, but since I couldn’t get it done by then I figured Mother’s Day would be the next best thing.

So without further ado, I would like to introduce Brenda Bunny!


Brenda Bunny is an intermediate pattern.  The required skills include knitting in the round on double pointed needles, various increases and decreases, mattress stitch and joining knitted pieces together, duplicate stitch, backward loop CO, Figure 8 CO, and Jeny’s surprisingly stretchy BO.  I’ve added tutorial links to the skills that I thought some people may be unfamiliar with.  The pattern is 10 pages long and contains lots of pictures to help out along the way.

Required Materials:

  • 147 yards of worsted weight yarn in body color (sample was knit using Patons Classic Wool)

  • 68 yards of worsted weight yarn in Cream

  • 72 yards of worsted weight yarn in Pink

  • Scraps of dark brown and pink yarn for facial features

  • Set of 5 4mm (US 6) 7″ double pointed needles

  • Stuffing

  • Black & white thread

  • Black & white felt

  • 20 gauge stem wire

  • Scissors

  • Sewing needle

  • Tape measure

  • Yarn needle

  • Stitch marker

  • Stitch holder

  • medium pom pom maker

  • Crochet hook

One material that I used that is different from the norm is stem wire.  It allowed me to make oversized ears that will stand up which is something you don’t see often, and it makes the ears posable which is a lot of fun to play around with.


This pattern is now available for $4 from Etsy and Ravelry.

Brenda Bunny is part of a collection of toys that I refer to as the Curious Critter Collection.  It is a collection of similarly shaped toys that I started awhile back.  Another member of this collection is Peggy Piggy.  You may be thinking that her and Brenda Bunny don’t look very similar and that is because I decided while designing this pattern that I wanted the toys in the collection to be bigger and dressed.  That being said, Peggy Piggy is going to be getting an upgrade very soon.  I already have lots of ideas for the pattern.  I will leave you with this short poem to give you some clues as to what I have in mind:

Peggy Piggy love to dance.

See her twirl and leap and sway.

Catch her show if you get the chance.

She stars in the piggy ballet.